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Florida's Most Popular Rides And Why You Should Know About Them

Florida's Most Popular Rides And Why You Should Know About Them

You know our ticket options are hard to beat, and you’re sold on just how phenomenal an experience it could be for you. Great!

Let’s get to the specifics. Florida is a world hub of theme park rides and attractions, and that means options – more of them than you might be able to sift through. Today we’re going to cover our favourite rides and why you should consider them when you hit buy on that Magical Ticket cart.

Without further ado, here’s our top list.

Be dazzled by the Dragon at the Winter Haven

Magical. We use that word a lot, but it’s truly deserved here! The Dragon has a long history as part of the Legoland Florida park, originally beginning as a ride as part of the Cypress Gardens Adventure Park (previous versions of the park that became Legoland Florida).

It’s a smooth ride and aimed at children, but it’s just as fun for adults. A small climbing section leads to a castle interior where animated figures of knights and wizards fight on. A great choice for a family that will entrance the kids and entertain the adults!

Feel the adrenaline of the Cheetah Hunt

Tampa is home to something very special indeed: Busch Gardens. Specifically, this family-friendly staple that still hits a respectable 60mph. The Cheetah Hunt is a beautifully constructed and themed ride, with smooth and twisting paths leading to thrilling dips and straights.

It’s a great choice for a family or individual, and usually serves visitors as a stepping stone towards the more ‘serious’ rides! A great choice for an even greater place – and one of many of similar quality.

Get immersed with the Manta

SeaWorld Orlando is home to a unique and special rollercoaster in the form of the Manta. While a little on the short side, the seconds are memorable indeed. The Manta is one of a growing number of ‘flying’ seat rollercoasters, where the seating position is horizontal to the path of the ride instead of sitting upright.

This, combined with the flying, fast turns and splashes of water, make it an exhilarating experience. This one is a little more on the serious side than rides like the Dragon; if you can handle some speed and excitement, you need to put this one on the list. It’s of great quality, and the unique seating style makes it all the more special.

Experience the Journey to Atlantis

This one simply has to go on the list, but it’s a little more than just a rollercoaster. It’s a combination of flume and coaster ride and features some of the most spectacular architecture and styling you’ll ever enjoy on a Florida park ride.

You begin by leaving a Greek village through a fishing area, before sailing forward into a marvellous journey that takes you on an adventure through varied terrain before arriving at Atlantis.

The ride is a real technical marvel, featuring a clever combination of technical and ride features such as splashdowns before concluding with a thrilling rollercoaster section. An absolute must-have on your list.

Dive into the Kraken VR experience

An undeniably unique and modern ride for the last on our list. Since last year the Kraken ride has had virtual reality headsets added to seats. This transforms an already entertaining ride into an otherworldly experience where speeds of 65mph shoot you through tough twists and turns – all with a totally unique visual element.

This is a challenging ride, but it’s worth it for the VR aspect. It’s totally unique.

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19 May 2019



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